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Brett W. Rivers

M.S. Student

Brett is interested in the seasonal dynamics of interspecific root competition and how it influences productivity and soil processes.

Amy C. Gondran

M.S. Student

Amy is working to quantify the contributions of reforestation to improving water quality after reclamation of surface mined lands.

Ruba Bilal

Ph.D. Student

Ruba is investigating carbon, water, and nitrogen use efficiency and cycling across dominant forest cover types and productivity gradients in the southern Appalachians.

Kristin M. McElligott

Ph.D. Student

Kristin is working to understand how climate gradients affect the  partitioning of heterotrophic and autotrophic components of soil respiration across the range of loblolly pine.

See yourself here?

To learn more about opportunities for undergraduate participation in the lab, please visit the Join Us! page or contact me directly.  You can even just drop by if you like.

I’m in 228F Cheatham and would be happy to see you.

Postdocs and Technicians

Undergraduate Students

Katie E. Correll

Ph.D. Student

Katie is using canopy-level hyperspectral reflectance to predict foliar nitrogen stable isotope signatures in order to predict ecosystem nitrogen dynamics across large spatial scales.

Lab Alumni

Zach D. Addington, B.S.  2011

Samantha J. Day, B.S., 2012

R. Sean Allen, M.F., 2012

Patricia A. Brousseau, M.S., 2012

Nina G. Craig, M.S., 2012

Laura J. Lorentz, M.S., 2013

Paliza Shrestha, M.S., 2013

Lara K. Nichols, M.S., 2013

Brett C. Heim, M.S., 2013

Raj Shrestha, Post-doc, 2014

Daniel G. DeBruler, M.S., 2014

Bethany N. Avera, M.S., 2014

Kevan J. Minick, Ph.D., 2014

See yourself here?

We’re always interested in adding new members to the lab.  Please visit the Join Us! page to learn about any specific opportunities, or feel free to contact me.

Graduate Students

Dave Mitchem

Laboratory Manager

Dave keeps our analytical facilities running, including everything from instrument operation and maintenance, QA/QC, student training and oversight, and generally making the world go around.

Brian D. Strahm

Associate Professor of Forest Soils and Biogeochemistry

Virginia Tech

Department of Forest Resources

    & Environmental Conservation

228 Cheatham Hall (0324)

Blacksburg, VA  24061

Phone:  540-231-8627

Fax:  540-231-3330


Ray M. Lee

Ph.D. Student

Ray is working at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory investigating the coupled transport of water and nitrogen through forested hillslopes.